Iceland PM working on saving evacuees' livelihoods amid threat of volcanic eruption
CGTN Publikigita: 2023-11-20 19:59:12

Previously evacuated residents of Iceland's Grindavik town continue to make return trips to collect personal belongings from their homes despite the imminent danger of a volcano outbreak.

"Maybe something happens, there could be an eruption while we're inside," Grindavik resident Gudmundur Thorlaugarson told CGTN Europe. 

The 31-year-old and his wife are going back to the partly destroyed fishing village for a second time now…carrying a list of items they want to save most - from the likely lava outbreak.

"To see the big cracks everywhere and all the houses are ruined. It's very sad because I'm born and raised there," Gudmundur adds.

Security forces and civil volunteers do their best to ensure safe passage. "We gather people here in groups and then once we get the go-ahead we let them go," says volunteer Egill Andri. "We try to keep calm so that the residents don't start panicking."

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