Dutch economist optimistic about China's long-term development
Gong Weiwei Publikigita: 2024-04-15 15:41:48

Dutch economist Haico Ebbers said in a written interview with Xinhua reporters that he is "very optimistic" about China's long-term development as China has consistently invested in education, infrastructure and technological innovation to improve productivity.

Haico Ebbers noted that China's economic development model combines government guidance with market flexibility. China has achieved economic prosperity not by copying the Western model.

On the issue of trade protectionism, Ebbers said that protectionism is not good for everyone. For example, Europe cannot achieve a green transition without exports of China-related products.

Haico Ebbers is a professor of international economics at Nyenrode Business University and chairman of the Nyenrode China Institute. He has been studying China since the 1990s and published many academic papers on China's economy.

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