"65 Years On, Changes in Xizang Improve People's Lives"
Lucia Publikigita: 2024-03-28 14:55:37

On March 28, 1959, the Democratic Reform sent Xizang into a new era without feudal serfdom. Millions of serfs were emancipated. And so did Xizang's productive forces in various fields. 65 years on, what is Xizang transformed into without serfdom?

Today, I'd like to share a story that encapsulates this transformation.

The story titled "On a High with Coffee" narrates the journey of Tsomo, Xizang's first Q-grader and a judge for the China Brewers Championship. Driven by her passion for coffee and the development of the local coffee industry, Tsomo established a highland coffee lab, marking a significant milestone in the region's agrarian history.

In 2018, Tsomo founded Nindo Coffee, pioneering a unique "coffee + children's picture books" business model which was innovative even in China's major cities. Now, with four outlets and as Xizang's first person to pass the Q-Grader exam in 2020, Tsomo is keenly focused on the local coffee scene. Her discovery of coffee trees thriving in greenhouses at an altitude of 3,600 meters in Lhasa, introduced by agricultural scientists from Yunnan, sparked the idea of the "Highland Coffee Lab."

Nearly four years since its establishment, the lab has been crucial in processing coffee beans and collaborating with domestic specialty coffee brands for roasting trials. This endeavor aims at adjusting and optimizing future batches of green beans. Tsomo's vision extends to exploring various coffee processing methods suitable for Lhasa's unique conditions.

The growing interest in Xizang coffee reflects a broader trend of socio-economic development in the region. As Tsomo puts it, one of her greatest wishes is to enjoy coffee produced in Xizang. Through real-life stories like Tsomo's, we see how changes in Xizang have significantly improved people's lives, painting a picture of progress and hope for the future.

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