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Second day in china, first day in Hangzhou.

we are just arrive form shanghai and didn't see much places there. But i have to say the Hangzhou city , which we have some problems finding the right pronunciation is really beautiful. the nature, the buldings , even the people specially childiren are really beautiful and adorable.

After launch we went to the wetland museum. It is a big museum about the culture, nature and other  things in wetland. the funny thing about this museum is that they have big TVs and projects which they are showing wetland's deffrent parts. it was like watching tv at home or being in cinema.

After launch we went to the world trade center and review the ceremony plan.

Now it's 11:30 at night . Oliver , the traslater guy which is over new friend too told us that we are going to have breakfast at 7:00AM and after that there will be many activiteis that we are going to take.

"May God be with us"

Third day in china, Second day in Hangzhou

I have to say today is one of the best days of our trip till now. actually we start the day in a bad way but the end was wonderful and full of joy. we had to wake up early and went to the world trade center. we have problems at the breakfast choosing the right food...actually the funny thing at the breakfast was the orange was Hot! I mean who on earth drink orange juice Hot?! of course Chinese...

we have so much fun at the world center presenting our country Iran and watching other countries presenting theirs...we danced to the live Slovakian song, met so many different people from china and other countries.

after that we went to a restaurant in down town. actually we can't find much thing to eat in that restaurant. we just ate some fruits...

after that we went to the tea museum which was so interesting. tea life in china from beginning till now

ps: finally My dream comes true...tonight after the long walk around wetland park I had the chance to ride a Chinese bike. It was awesome...I felt like a 5 years old child riding a little bike in Chinese street.

Forth day in China, third day in Hangzhou

we wake the same hour in the morning...actually a bit later because our clock was broken and it didn't rang.

after breakfast we went to climb a hill or as my Chinese friends say, a mountain. It was full  of Chinese old trees...beautiful environment. couple of old women was dancing in a group, and as i love dancing i reach them and start dancing...but their dancing routine was a bit hard for me so in some parts my dancing was of the bit.

then we went for the launch which i have to say it was really delicious. I never thought that I could say this about Chinese food. because of the environment in Hangzhou the food is so tasteless for us, but this restaurant's food was so tasty and chili. We really loved it...I hope we could eat there again.

then we left the restaurant and went to have our longest walk of our life...we walk around the west lake for about 4 hours...but we enjoyed it, it was beautiful.

at night we went to a little party in a tea house. we had some western food like Burger and sausage. then we played some music. me and my friend did a Kurdish traditional dance... everyone likes it and we loved it too

tomorrow is the ceremony day I have to write a presentation and actually it's 23:45 so I have to end tod1ay's report and go work on my presentation.

"May God be with us"

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