• Xinjiang is a beautiful place that interweaves history and modernity, with cultural diversity and regional characteristics coexisting. In this episode of Lucia’s Craft, Professor Imre Galambos from Zhejiang University and Professor Abdukader Abdukayum from Kashi University shared their observation on Xinjiang's modernization, both on and off campus. For more details, please check out the program.
  • Hey everyone, I'm Yang Dexin, a master's student in International Education of Chinese at Renmin University of China. I have a lot of hobbies, but my favorite ones are playing guitar and shooting videos. I hope to use my camera to capture the beauty of the world and share it with others. I also hope to use my videos to spread positive messages and brighten people's days.
  • Altaj montoj, vasta stepo, profundaj valoj, tiuj ĉiuj, kiuj por okcidentaj vojaĝantoj estas belaj pejzaĝoj, eble fariĝas baroj de edukado por lokaj infanoj. La montoriĉa medio kaj disa loĝateco faras al partaj tibetaj infanoj malfacilan iradon al lernejo, kaj pro tio pensiona lernejo fariĝas plej bona solvo.
Cultural and Economic Progress in Xinjiang: An International Perspective Substantial support for the construction of green ecological barriers and the realization of sustainable development Xinjiang‘s development in the eyes of international scholars